the north face black jacket Injured veterans ask Supreme Court to hear case on disability pensions

the north face surge backpack Injured veterans ask Supreme Court to hear case on disability pensions

OTTAWA A group of six disabled veterans wants the Supreme Court of Canada to weigh in on their fight with the federal government over the re introduction of lifetime pensions for those injured while in uniform. Court of Appeal, which threw out the lawsuit last month.

It also comes despite the Trudeau government having recently unveiled its own version of disability pensions, which have been widely criticized by the veterans community.

a fundamental Canadian value? Fairness. Justice, retired major Mark Campbell, who lost both legs to an improvised explosive device while serving in Afghanistan, told a news conference Wednesday.

there is none right now within the veterans community and its dealings with the government of Canada. case, known as Equitas, revolves around a 2006 decision by all federal parties to replace lifelong pensions for disabled vets with a single lump sum payment, career training and targeted income replacement programs.

The veterans involved in the lawsuit allege those changes discriminate against today service members because the previous pension system provided about 40 per cent more financial compensation over a lifetime. Superior Court judge ruled in September 2013 that the suit could proceed, despite fierce resistance from the Harper government. Court of Appeal, but also started talks toward a possible settlement. Both the appeal and the settlement discussions were suspended in advance of the 2015 federal election.

But the Liberals restarted the appeal after taking power and scored a major victory when the appeal court ruled on Dec. 4 that the lawsuit had no chance of success.

A few weeks later, the Trudeau government rolled out its own version of disability pensions. But those also have been criticized for offering less compensation to the majority of injured veterans than the pre 2006 iteration.

All of which set up Wednesday request for the Supreme Court to hear the case and decide whether there is enough merit in the veterans arguments for it to proceed to an actual trial.

Veterans Affairs Minister Seamus O declined to comment Wednesday on the latest developments.

are very proud of the efforts that we made for veterans over the past two and a half years, especially in the last couple of months, he said outside the House of Commons.

Supreme Court will make a decision on whether or not they will proceed, and we await that decision. veterans involved in the lawsuit say they are simply trying to ensure all veterans are treated the same, and feel betrayed by the Liberals, who promised to reinstate the old pensions during the last election.

not in it for anything other than to make sure that this gap that been created gets filled, said retired corporal Aaron Bedard, who was also injured while serving in Afghanistan.
the north face black jacket Injured veterans ask Supreme Court to hear case on disability pensions

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