the north face windbreaker ‘Jeff Lowe’s Metanoia’ brings scale to climber’s mind

the north face tops ‘Jeff Lowe’s Metanoia’ brings scale to climber’s mind

Mar 6:BIFF review: ‘1971’ chronicles FBI whistleblowersBIFF review: ‘Song of the Sea’ is an animated delightBIFF review: Charming ‘Mr. Kaplan’ fizzles in the home stretchBIFF review: ‘I Live For Art’ seeks creativty, causes confusionBIFF review: ‘Stream of Love’ is eye opening sex talk by the elderlyJeff Lowe might be one of the great athletes of the 20th century. The 64 year old Lowe, who currently lives in Louisville, was a pioneer mountain climber in the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s; a visionary who problem solved his way up ice and rock faces that climbers before him didn’t think were possible to ascend.In “Jeff Lowe’s Metanoia,” we are treated to a personal portrait of the man who reached for unlikely summits, despite his down to earth demeanor. Certainly, the documentary, directed by Boulder’s Jim Aikman, is a must see for anyone in the climbing community. But its appeal spires beyond that subculture filled with fresh faced and craggy craggers and offers grand insight to the general public.Metanoia is a Greek term meaning a transformative change of heart; especially through spiritual means. It’s also the term Lowe gave to the trail he blazed up Eiger’s north face, one of the most famous and formidable towers in the Swiss Alps.The film details Lowe’s idyllic childhood in Utah, his move to Colorado and how he revolutionized the sport of climbing. It also lays bare the man’s flaws, including his early failed business ventures, infidelity and, ultimately, a failed marriage.It was at his darkest personal point, in 1991, that Lowe decided to try to ascend Eiger’s north face solo. Exhausted, hypothermic and facing seemingly insurmountable conditions, Lowe describes how he had a consciousness expanding experience huddled in his tent on the side of the sheer mountain face. Those transformative moments gave him strength to carry on up the north face and reach the summit.More important, “Metanoia” details how the experience opened Lowe’s heart and strengthened his spirit as he’s lived with the unmerciful disease ALS. Lowe was diagnosed in the late 1990s, and the remarkable athlete’s body has slowly betrayed him since.”He looks at (living with ALS) as one more climb,” Lowe’s older brother says in the film. “The climb of his life.”Font ResizeReturn to TopTrojans embraced underdog role all season, including in title game matchupDENVER This one’s for Jeff!Headed by the same emotions on his sleeve head coach for the past 24 seasons, the Longmont High boys basketball program has been so close, so many times, to achieving the ultimate goal of a state championship. Full Story
the north face windbreaker 'Jeff Lowe's Metanoia' brings scale to climber's mind

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