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My parents had choices. These were the same two people who took a contract from the British government to work in underserved areas in Zambia in the late ’70s and early ’80s. When the time came to decide where to move their family, there was potential to move to the West Indies, Europe and the United States. Ultimately, they settled on North Carolina because we had family nearby, the schools were reportedly great, access to higher education was plentiful and excellent, and it was known as a welcoming and warm place.

I am a product of North Carolina public education, and I owe a great deal to people like Rick Dunn at Fuller Elementary who taught me drama but also that,
the north face jackets sale 'North Carolina is closed'
even though I was little, my voice was just as big as the other kids. Or Nolan Bryant at Davis Drive Middle School who showed me that science was cool and that I was really good at it. Or Matt Perry at Cary High who taught me that when you mess up or make a mistake own it and move forward. Or Andy Zappia at Cary High who showed me that relationships matter more than any subject ever could. Or innumerable other educators I’ve had the privilege of learning from and working beside who help students and families achieve their potential and are the soil upon which this state grows its most prized possession its people.

Last year my mom was met with a horrific burn injury that left her hospitalized for the better part of nine months with ongoing surgeries and therapy that continue to this day. My parents had good insurance, and I saw the medical bills, and we were fortunate to escape with minimal damage to our financial security. However, there are countless others in this state who, if put in the same situation, would have to sacrifice everything to ensure their loved ones survived. By not expanding Medicaid, lawmakers have once again risked the future of an untold number of North Carolina families. And the door closes a little more.
the north face jackets sale 'North Carolina is closed'

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