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On July 7th 07/07/07 Capozzi will be juggling seven weddings at the tiny Maitland Art Center. “We are totally maxed out,” says Capozzi, the center’s wedding coordinator . “Oh my gosh. Even to this day, people are calling to see if I have a space available.” Blame it on numerology or lucky sevens. Blame it on the calendar, the stars aligning or a bunch of superstitious brides. Actually, it was a year ago that The Day After Tomorrow swept through theaters. The new “special edition” of this disaster epic about global warming, ice melting, seas rising and triggering a new ice age, all in a matter of weeks is packed with extras. The commentaries are by a number of the technical experts who made New York disappear under a tidal wave and then a blizzard.

Tidal Wave, Floods Kill 24 13,000 More Homeless

January 3, 1996

A tidal wave spawned by a powerful earthquake on Indonesia’s Sulawesi island and flash floods on Sumatra 1,500 miles away killed at least 24 people, officials said today. Another 13,000 were reported homeless. Eight people were killed by the tidal wave and 16 in the floods.
the north face tents Articles about Tidal Wave

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