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It defines the fundamental principles for governments, including grants and limitations of power. Constitutional law is the supreme law of the land. All other laws must comply with the basic constitutional provisions. Statutory law declares, commands, or prohibits something. It is the written will of the politically elected legislature. Courts interpret the meaning of the statues. Written laws of local governments are called ordinances.

Common Law

This source of law refers to the rules and principles from judicial decisions in areas of law where the legislatures have no written statues. Common law is frequently referred to as case law. Common law in the US comes from the ancient law of England, particularly, the portion adopted and in force at the time of the American Revolution.

Describe how the First Amendment affects the law enforcement function.

The First Amendment establishes rights that we consider basic in a free society. These rights are the freedoms of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition. These rights cannot be infringed upon by governments or law enforcement officers. Until an individual is in custody he/she maintains his/her First Amendment rights, to an extent. These must be honored by law enforcement officers to prevent a violation of Constitutional rights.

Identify the criminal and civil consequences an officer can face by violating a citizen’s constitutional rights.

An illegal search or seizure violates a person’s rights and may lead to adverse consequences for the officer who engaged in the illegality. Such consequences may include a criminal or civil case brought against the officer, suppression of evidence recovered from the suspect, and department discipline.

Explain the jurisdictional powers of law enforcement officers in North Carolina.

Mutual aid agreements

allow same jurisdiction as officers of requesting agency.

Crimes committed in other states

Compare and contrast “reasonable suspicion” and “probable cause.”is needed to detain a person for a few minutes to investigate a possible crime. can be viewed as whether or not a reasonable person would think something was suspicious. Probable cause is needed to arrest a person.
the north face mens jacket Arrest Search Seizure

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