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Thousands find relief in fairway tent camp

By Robert Little and Baltimore Sun reporter January 29, 2010

J ean Michel Frederick lives at the Petionville Club, near the golf course’s ninth tee, with a grand view of the valley and the harbor. That would have meant prestige a few weeks ago. Today it means sleeping with his family on the side of a hill inside a patchwork tent made of sticks and bed linens, wedged into a human collage of 30,000 fellow Haitians displaced by the earthquake. “Of course, we do not choose to live here, but it is safe from the earthquake and the Americans are here,” said Frederick, as he stood in line with his mother and a thousand others, clutching the green Catholic Relief Services ticket that promised his family a two week supply of food. [Letter]

July 14, 2014

Maybe instead of moving all of the current illegals off into far off places we should build a tent city on the mall in Washington so our rulers can see what they have wrought (“America’s refugee crisis,” July 9). Oh, that’s right, they go to and from their fiefdoms via underground or tinted window transport so they never have to see the real world. William M. Please include your name and contact information.

Residents of Glen Burnie tent city ordered to leave by April 3

By Andrea F. Siegel, The Baltimore Sun March 17, 2012

Tucked behind trees off a street in Glen Burnie are about a dozen mostly makeshift tents and a small trailer, forming a small community of homeless people who have been there off and on for several years. Now, Anne Arundel County has ordered the homeless to leave the site by April 3 the second time in about a year there’s been a push to clear the site. The city is set to remove Stewart, 54, and a couple dozen other homeless people from their temporary homes on soggy mattresses along the Fallsway at makeshift campsites between parking spaces under the Jones Falls Expressway and inside tents huddled against the closed Hollywood Diner. It will be the fifth time in four years the city has forced him to move, Stewart said.

IF YOU ARE the parent of a young child, at some point this summer, your child may turn to you and ask: “Can we buy a tent?” Here’s a little piece of advice: Don’t do it. Sterling and TaNoah V. worker who regularly saw the man’s tent from the roadway, police said. Brown purchased to build outdoor housing for inmates at the county detention center has been earmarked for donation, Sheriff Kenneth L.
the north face jackets cheap Articles about Tent

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