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Parapet Relay Buster Simpson’s Parapet Relay(1995) is hard to miss. A massive pair of signs along the south and east rooflines of Garretson Woodruff Pratt give different messages depending on the viewer’s angle. A series of cast iron and bronze sidewalk plaques mark the optimum viewpoint for each message. GWP was originally built as a warehouse and signs advertising those services were prominently painted on almost every available surface of the building, including one that read “Storage.” This installation pays homage to the history of the building and the neighborhood with language that reflects both the historic and contemporary uses of the space.

When you movedownhill along 19th Street (starting at Fawcett), youwill first read the word “Idea” (and “Wisdom” when the light is just right), then “Gather”, then (after crossing Pacific) “Labor.” Walking towards downtown along Pacific Avenue, you first see the word “Storage,” then the letters “UW” (in front of the History Museum), and then finally “Tacoma.”

The Four Elements The Four Elements (2003) is a four panel terracotta sculpture by artist Steve Gardner. These large carvings hang in the main stairs of the Science Building. Each sculpture depicts a personification of one of the four elements earth, air, water and fire (in Western thought that is many Eastern traditions include a fifth element as well). Many of the images and patterns within the sculptures draw on cultural traditions from around the world, a reference to the universality of scientific thought and discovery.

Funded by the Washington State Arts Commission’s Art in Public Places.

Le Visage de la Paix In 1944, after the liberation of Paris from the Nazis, Pablo Picasso became an active participant in the Peace Movement. (Bix) Bichsel was among the leaders of this group.

As is customary on formal occasions in Japan, gifts were exchanged. The drawing hangs in the Snoqualmie Building, visible from the 2nd floor balcony next to the Reading Room.

Felt pen on fabric. Gift of Journey of Repentance, 2011

bipARTisan Armed with paint and differing points of view, six artists Pam Keeley, Deborah Lawrence, Linda Davidson, Stevie Webb, Kevin Wildermuth and Ellen Ito conducted a live experiment in getting along in 2010. Or re paint it.

Ghost Signs All over campus are vintage signs, whose faded lettering recall the days when the UW Tacoma campus was a bustling downtown warehouse district. The most obvious signs can be found inside Philip Hall (pictured) and the Dougan Building, and outside Mattress Factory (complete list). A display board showing many examples around Tacoma and giving some history of this once common commercial art can be found inside the Pacific Avenue entrance to the Joy Building.

Display text by Kristen Kendle. Display donated by Korsmo Construction (2012).

Maru The nine foot tall bronze sculpture, Maru (2014), was created by renowned Northwest artist Gerard Tsutakawa in collaboration with Kenichi Nakano, principal of Nakano Associates, landscape architects. The sculpture honors the Japanese Language School that once stood at Tacoma Avenue and 19th Street and the Japanese American community that thrived in this neighborhood prior to World War II. The complete story is told on plaques next to the sculpture.
the north face hoodie uk Art on Campus

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