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Healthy choices at North Avenue food mart

June 23, 2013

Thanks for the recent article highlighting two businesses that are working to provide healthier food choices in Baltimore (“Two city stores move to close health gap,” June 18). I work in the office complex next to Apples Oranges, one of the highlighted businesses, and have the luxury of being able to purchase lunch once or twice a week when I am at the office. Until the opening of Apples Oranges, there weren’t great options in the area, only McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Subway.

ARTICLES BY DATEHogan’s appeal to black voters goes beyond race [Letter]

October 13, 2014

What are black voters’ priorities? Your recent article on the candidates’ appeal to black voters offered the result of Mr. Hogan’s polling on North Avenue: People said they wanted lower taxes above all else ( “Hogan, Brown differ in message to black voters,” Oct. 4). A successful governor needs to excel in many criteria. Mr. Brown was not asked how he would lessen tax burdens. Nor was he asked if he felt he deserves higher office after making Marylanders experience the failed Obamacare system.

A vision for North Avenue

By Lorraine Mirabella, The Baltimore Sun August 18, 2011

Where the passengers on the tour bus rolling west on North Avenue saw blocks of crumbling and abandoned buildings and overgrown lots, Lou Fields envisioned another Pratt Street in the making. Fields, who heads a nonprofit heritage tourism group, is leading an effort to revitalize what he views as one of the city’s most overlooked thoroughfares. Progress is possible, he says, even in tough economic times. North Ave. has enjoyed prosperity and suffered humiliation. It’s now soon to become an arts center in the Station North neighborhood, whose transformation I’ve been watching for the past few years. Perhaps its worst hour happened in 2012, when the Fire Department ordered it closed. Inspectors took one look at the outdated 1914 wiring and said, “Shut it down. ” Its main tenant, the Single Carrot Theatre , promptly moved out. “The electrical box was like something out of a Dr. Frankenstein movie,” said Laurens “Mac” MacLure, director of the Baltimore Arts Realty Corp., who gave a tour of the roomy structure this week, as his group has been completing plans for a $6 million upgrade.

Work was due to begin this week on the construction of a new bridge over Bynum Run in Bel Air, linking North Avenue off Rock Spring Road with Henderson Lane in the Irwin’s Choice community off Conowingo Road. In preparation for the bridge construction, the Harford County Department of Public Works announced that North Avenue from Creek Park Drive to Irwin Creek Drive will be closed for approximately 10 months. An unknown number of people approached the two men, who were standing in the 2100 block of E. North Ave., shooting one victim, aged 19, in the chest and another, aged 26, in the back of the legs, according to police. The victims, who have not been identified, were transported to an area hospital and were in stable condition. The Eastern district, where the incident happened, has seen 8 shootings and 3 homicides as of Mar. on Thursday. that crews are repairing a small leak on a 36 inch main break on North Avenue. All eastbound traffic is being detoured onto southbound Chester Street, Baltimore DOT said.
the north face fleeces Articles about North Avenue

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