the north face fleece jacket Articles about North Korea

the north face insulated jacket Articles about North Korea

North Korea’s missile antics

December 13, 2012

Under its new ruler, Kim Jong Un, North Korea has reverted to its old tactics of provocation and aggression with the launch this week of a long range missile it claims was intended to put the country’s first satellite into orbit. It’s unclear whether the satellite made it into orbit, but that really isn’t the point. and its allies fear the country’s space program is just an excuse to develop technology that can be used to build nuclear tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles, and Wednesday’s launch showed the North Koreans are making progress toward that goal.

ARTICLES BY DATEGone, never forgotten [Commentary]

By Patrick Cha July 30, 2014

Maryland native Joseph Gantt joined the Army at 18, serving with distinction as a Sergeant First Class in the South Pacific during World War II, even though the military segregated him because of the color of his skin. Gantt had redeployed to the front lines of Korea in December 1950 as a field medic with the 2nd Infantry Division when his unit was overrun by enemy forces. Gantt was thrown into a prison camp and reportedly died there in March 1951. But his wife, Clara Gantt,
the north face fleece jacket Articles about North Korea
refused to lose faith.

North Korea’s ‘red lines’

By Bruce S. to “get tough with North Korea. When I heard of Dennis Rodman’s initial visit to North Korea, I held onto a sliver of hope that it would possibly open a window of diplomatic negotiations with the nation ensconced in secrecy and carefully crafted propaganda (“Rodman, in trouble over interview, blames drink,” Jan. 9). I couldn’t have been more wrong. Mr. Rodman is simply a self serving man who seeks media attention, not unlike that of the Kardashian clan. Mr. Rodman knows nothing about American missionary Kenneth Bae, and proved it in during a drunken rant at a recent press conference.

By Bruce S. is the world’s leading humanitarian nation and has been one of the largest donors of emergency food to North Korea. He has appeared in television commercials. He drives a silver Hummer and likes to dress like hip hop artist Tupac Shakur. When he goes on the road, he travels with a laptop, iPod and sometimes a Nintendo DS and a Sony PlayStation Portable. Jong is the star striker of North Korea’s 2010 World Cup team. That makes him at this particular moment the most recognizable living North Korean, with the possible exception of the Dear Leader, Kim Jong Il.
the north face fleece jacket Articles about North Korea

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