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Mr Harper said various factors could affect the muzzle velocity of an airgun, such as the type of pellets used, oil in the barrel, temperature and height above sea level that the airgun is used.

The most important of these factors will be the type of pellet used and whether or not there is oil in the barrel, he said.

“In relation to a recent case at Worcester Magistrates Court, I had occasion to investigate the effect use of different pellets can have on muzzle velocity of an airgun.

“Tony Wall, of Sandwell Fieldsports, demonstrated to me that simply by changing the pellets fired from an airgun, the muzzle velocity varied between 9.07ft/lb and 12.52ft/lb. The latter reading would be over the current legal limit,” he said.

The guideline case in relation to possession of firearms, such as an airgun with a muzzle velocity of 12ft/lb suggests that custody may well be an appropriate sentence.

He said: “It is most important that owners of airguns bear this in mind.

“Purchasing an airgun from a gunsmith which is later found to be over the legal limit even when accompanied by a statement from the gunsmith that a firearms licence is not required to use the airgun will not be a defence in law.”
the north face womens fleece Check your airgun

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