the north face shop online cheek skits do a take on minor hockey that is part

the north face rain jacket cheek skits do a take on minor hockey that is part

Although young hockey players and their families come from many backgrounds, there are some universal truths about the hockey life. There are some hockey experiences everyone has had, or at least witnessed.

The Hockey Monologues, the Second Period hopes to once again capture those moments and experiences in a lighthearted setting, and maybe poke a bit of fun at them too.

The Curtain Call Players will be hosting the Hockey Monologues, Second Period, in the hopes of giving some laughs and maybe a few nods of recognition from guests, on behalf of the Pictou County Weeks Major Midgets. They take the different views, said Anthony Conway, president of the Pictou County Weeks Major Midgets. It those types of things. like last year Hockey Monologues, every scenario from scenes on the ice to locker room hijinks will be part of the production. The performance is the work of local hockey parent Colleen Hawley, who worked in a lot of her own experiences, as a parent whose kids have all played hockey.

definitely want it to be relatable. We had a lot of experiences in the rink, and with a monologue format, you only have a few minutes to get the point across. You also got to make things a caricature of what happens, and a bit exaggerated, said Hawley. definitely poke fun it tongue in cheek. skit features some of the stereotypes associated with hockey players, offering a glimpse into the life of a mother and daughter shopping for a prom dress, when the daughter tell the mother she going to prom with a hockey player.

The Second Period is a continuation of last year Period One. This year, Hawley noted, the Hockey Monologues will be relatable because there will be some seriousness mixed in with some of the funnier, more mischievous monologues.

had some strong ideas, and brainstormed with some friends about funny ideas, but we have some serious monologues, too, said Hawley.

The heavier topics to be touched upon in the Hockey Monologues, The Second Period, include concussions and the consequences for those who inflict them and are affected by them, and parents who push their children too hard to excel in the sport, instead of encouraging them to play for genuine enjoyment of the game.

The Hockey Monologues, The Second Period will be performed on March 1 and 2, at the North Nova Education Centre Auditorium, and will serve as a fundraiser for the team.

are a lot of brand new actors and returning actors from last year. It a 19 person cast, and there a lot of talent from the community there, Hawley added.
the north face shop online cheek skits do a take on minor hockey that is part

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