the north face jackets CHAPTER 14 Lecture

the north face gilet sale CHAPTER 14 Lecture

1. Figure 14.2: Traces the migration of South Pole positions during the early Paleozoic when Gondwana and Euramerica were separate and each had its own polar track. During Carboniferous time (C), Gondwanaland and North America collided and joined. From there, both had the same polar track. By Permian time (P), the Pangea super supercontinent was completely assembled. Pangea remained assembled until breakup began during early Mesozoic time (M). Light dashed arrows record seperation of different continents since then.

2. Figure 14.4a: Pangea began to break up near the end of the Triassic period (215 Ma) when North America and Africa began to separate.

3. Late Triassic to Early Jurassic rifting eventually disrupted the connection between North Africa and Europe. Also during this period, several microcontinents broke away from northern Gondwanaland and eventually collided with southeastern Asia.

4. The Indian Ocean began to open around Middle Jurassic time as evidenced by major transgressions in eastern Africa and Madagascar.
the north face jackets CHAPTER 14 Lecture

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