the north face zephyr triclimate jacket Everest Facts And Firsts

the north face borealis backpack Everest Facts And Firsts

Everest Name:Sir George Everest was the first person to record the height and location of Mt. Everest, this is where Mt.”Everest” got its name from(In american language)

First Ascent by a Woman:May 16,1975, Junko Tabei, JAP, via the South Col

First Ascent by an American Woman:Sep.29,1988, Stacey Allison, Portland, OR via the South East Ridge

First Oxygenless Ascent:May 8, 1978 Reinhold Messner, IT, and Peter Habeler, AUT, via the South East Ridge

Fastest Ascent from South:Babu Chhiri Sherpa 34, NP 16 hours and 56 minutes (5 21 2000)

Fastest Ascent (north side):Hans Kammerlander (IT) May,24,1996, via the standard North Col Ridge Route, 16 hours 45 minutes from base campHighest cause cause of death:Avalanches about a (2:1) ratio over falls

Country with most deaths on mountain:Nepal

Most dangerous area on mountain:Khumbu Ice FallLongest stay on top:Babu Chiri Sherpa stayed at the summit full 21 hours and a half

Largest team:In 1975, China tackled Everest with a 410 member team.

Only climber to climb all 4 sides of Everest:Kushang Sherpa, now an instructor with Himlayan Mountaineering Institute

First person to hike from sea level to summit, no oxygen.:11th May 1990,Tim Macartney Snape, Australian

First person to summit Everest twice:Nawang Gombu Nepal(once with Whitaker in ’63,and again two years later in ’65)Gombu now works for the Himalayan mountaineering institute
the north face zephyr triclimate jacket Everest Facts And Firsts

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