the north face shoes even for the locals

the north even for the locals

Now our South Jersey sub freezing streak from December 27th to January 7th was plenty cold, no doubt about it. However, that’s just another day for the locals. South Jersey has only experienced 15 days below freezing.

Remember those continental polar air masses at the beginning of the article? They will have that just in time for the Eagles to be in town. Friday will have plenty of sunshine, with a crisp high in the mid teens. Moving into Saturday, a clipper system will pass through the area, bring light morning snow. Pack a pair of snow shoes (which you should anyway, since there is three inches of snow on the ground).

Following this, the numbing cold reaches a new level. Waking up early in Minneapolis Sunday will be an experience. Temperatures not seen since 1996 here in South Jersey will be present. A morning low of negative 8 will start Super Bowl Sunday.

It will be t shirt weather inside of the dome, but walking to or from the stadium will be nothing but. Layers, layers and layers will be needed. During the afternoon, the thermometer will hold in the single digits, with a high of 8 degrees. The sun will try its best to cut the chill. Again, dome sweet dome. It will be nice in there.

Regardless of the outcome, it will be a dangerously cold walk back to your hotel. When the game ends, it will be around 0, with a wind chill near 10! That can freeze unexposed skin in 5 minutes.
the north face shoes even for the locals

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